What To Know About General Dentistry?

general dentistry south yarra

As we grow old our body becomes fragile and in the end we lose our strength that we once had when we were young however, we can see that even old people are taking care of themselves by going to gym and shaping themselves up well the same case is for your teeth.

Over the time you will see that your teeth has lost its shine and strength to bite hard things well that is why we have general dentistry that will help us to keep maintaining our teeth even in old age.

When you are talking about general dentistry in south yarra it means that a dentist who is going to be your general practitioner who will be taking care of your teeth and maintaining them for you depending on the schedule you have. They will be providing you with some general services that will be helpful to you and your family in long run.

Few services that we will talk about such as


  1. One of many services that your dentist will provide you with is general maintenance. This service is like having a check up on your teeth bi annually so that your teeth are fit and fine. This type of service will be feasible to you and your family because it ensure that your teeth stay healthy throughout your life time or whenever you can manage to maintain them at your dentist.

It is like a prevention for your teeth so that nothing bad happens to them.


  1. Another service that you might be interested is that in general dentistry X-ray is a common thing to use on teeth. This service will help your dentist to find out any imperfections that can cause a major issue for your teeth in near future and with that preventative care would be needed so that it can be stopped or removed.


  1. A basic general service that you will be needing over time would be fillings. Yes, this service is very common when it comes to general dentistry and you can also find it with your local dentist to whom you visit. This service is done when you have a cavity related problem such as a whole in your teeth so the fillings can help it out.


  1. Now this maintenance that we will discuss is a rather complex one as it will be related in making sure that your teeth are in proper form. It is like a restoration in which it will ensure that all your teeth are in correct place and if there is some sort of misalignment then it can be adjusted.


So here you have seen few services that are performed in general dentistry and if you are interested to have a check up well then just visit us at lifetimedental.com.au and get your teeth in best possible condition.